Hi, my name is Aurélien Kôichi Altaïr Mabilat. I'm a designer and artist.
I have just finished the theorical part of my Media Design Master @ —HEAD Genève, Switzerland. It's about the fascination of experimental musicians for the alpha brain rythm.
It include reflexions on risks and benefits of BCI (Brain-Computer Interfaces) that I use as foundations for ethically acceptable designs.
Feel free to contact me for a collaboration!

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◆  Professional

Junior Art Director. Multimedia conceptor for musical games. Bopler Games (MXP4) . Paris, France
Assistant Art Director JWT PARIS, France

◆  Education

Media Design Master —HEAD Genève , Switzerland
Multimedia Conceptor & Designer Gobelins, l'école de l'image . Paris, France
Multimedia Visual Communication Degree École Estienne . Paris, France

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Oeuf d’Or
Pencil and paint on paper, A4
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Oeuf d’Or

Pencil and paint on paper, A4

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