Hi, my name is Aurélien Kôichi Altaïr Mabilat. I'm a media designer and artist.
I work at —HEAD Genève, Switzerland, and for a parisian startup involved in helping you manage your brain waves in a better way.
Want to read my master thesis about the fascination for the alpha brain rythm? It's full of of experimental musicians and oriental philosophy.
It include reflexions on risks and benefits of BCI (Brain-Computer Interfaces) that I use as foundations for ethically acceptable designs.
Feel free to contact me for a collaboration!

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◆  Professional

Junior Art Director. Multimedia conceptor for musical games. Bopler Games (MXP4) . Paris, France
Assistant Art Director JWT PARIS, France

◆  Education

Media Design Master —HEAD Genève , Switzerland
Multimedia Conceptor & Designer Gobelins, l'école de l'image . Paris, France
Multimedia Visual Communication Degree École Estienne . Paris, France

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Oeuf d’Or
Pencil and paint on paper, A4
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Oeuf d’Or

Pencil and paint on paper, A4

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